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A mud distributor is a tank that injects water, cement, adhesives, etc. in a certain proportion, and generates a suspended mixed slurry under the mechanical stirring action of the mixing shaft. Under the action of the slurry pump, the mixed slurry is sprayed onto the working surface through a spray gun.


The cement slurry sprayer adopts a single bar diesel engine, with a range of up to 60 meters and a slurry concentration of up to 50% by weight. It is a machinery for spraying cement slurry on large highway road surfaces.


The walking cement slurry distributor is suitable for cement slurry spraying projects on large and medium-sized road surfaces. It sprays mixed slurry such as water, cement, and adhesives, and uses constant diesel power. It has the characteristics of strong power, fuel efficiency, high construction efficiency, easy operation, and stable operation.


What are the steps to follow in the construction of asphalt penetrating pavement


How many layers are required for the construction of asphalt penetration pavement surface layer? Specific steps:

1、 准备承层:检查承层压实度、平整度、横坡度、高程、宽度、弯沉等表面松散、弹簧、弯沉合格等现象必须进行处理

1. Preparation of bearing layer: Check the compaction degree, flatness, cross slope, elevation, width, and deflection of the bearing layer. Loose surfaces, springs, and qualified deflection must be treated

2、 施工放:恢复路线每10m设桩并放边线外0.3~0.5m处指示桩进行水平测量按松铺系数准确标布主层碎石高程

2. Construction layout: Restore the route by setting up stakes every 10 meters and placing indicator stakes 0.3-0.5 meters outside the sideline for horizontal measurement. Accurately mark the elevation of the main layer of gravel according to the coefficient of loose paving

3、 材料准备:选择符合要求碎石产厂家符合要求沥青供应商碎石、沥青进场要按规定频率进行检验

3. Material preparation: Select crushed stone manufacturers that meet the requirements, asphalt suppliers that meet the requirements, and conduct inspections on crushed stone and asphalt entering the site according to the prescribed frequency

4、 单位平米碎石、沥青用量:根据同区同沥青种类设计确定单位平米碎石、沥青用量并予工前15d报监理工程师签批


4. Quantity of crushed stone and asphalt per unit square meter: Determine the quantity of crushed stone and asphalt per unit square meter based on the design of the same type of asphalt in the same area, and submit it to the supervising engineer for approval 15 days before construction

5、 试验段:式施工前要拟定试验段案报监理工程师签批做试验段确定施工工艺、松铺系数、机械配备、员组织、压实遍数等

5. Experimental section: Prior to construction, a trial section plan should be drafted and submitted to the supervising engineer for approval. The trial section should determine the construction process, loose paving coefficient, mechanical equipment, personnel organization, number of compaction passes, etc

6、 布主层碎石、稳压:按照试验段确定松铺系数用碎石摊铺机或平机布主层集料平机整平用6~8t双钢轮压路机自路两侧向路碾压碾压速度宜2km/h每轮迹重叠约30cm碾压遍检验路拱纵向坡度符合要求应调整找平再压用重型钢轮压路机碾压每轮迹重叠1/2左右宜碾压4~6遍直主层集料嵌挤稳定显著轮迹止

6. Laying of main layer crushed stones and stabilizing pressure: Determine the coefficient of loose paving according to the test section. Use a crushed stone paver or leveling machine to lay the main layer aggregate. Use a 6-8t double steel wheel roller to level the road. The rolling speed should be 2km/h from both sides of the road, with each wheel overlapping about 30cm. Rolling should be carried out once to check whether the longitudinal slope of the road arch meets the requirements. Adjust and level it before rolling. Use a heavy-duty steel wheel roller to compact each wheel overlapping about 1/2. Rolling should be carried out 4-6 times until the main layer aggregate is embedded and stable with significant wheel marks

7、 浇洒第层沥青:沥青洒布温度根据气温及沥青标号选择石油沥青宜130~170℃宜80~120℃乳化沥青温洒布加温洒布乳液温度超60℃前两车喷撒接茬处用铁板或建筑纸铺2~3m使搭接良几幅浇洒纵向搭接宽度宜100~150mm浇洒第二层、第三层沥青搭接缝应错采用乳化沥青贯入防止乳液漏主层集料碾压稳定先撒布部层嵌缝料再浇洒第层沥青

7. Sprinkle asphalt on the first layer: the asphalt distribution temperature shall be 130~170 ℃ and 80~120 ℃ according to the air temperature and asphalt grade. Emulsified asphalt shall be distributed at a temperature of 80~120 ℃. Warm lotion shall be sprayed and distributed. Before the temperature exceeds 60 ℃, two vehicles shall spray and distribute the joints with 2~3m iron plate or construction paper, so that the overlap width is 100~150mm. Sprinkle the second layer and the third layer of asphalt. The overlap joint shall be wrongly penetrated with emulsified asphalt to prevent lotion leakage. The main layer aggregates shall be rolled and stabilized. First, the caulking material of the lower layer shall be distributed, and then the asphalt of the first layer shall be sprayed

8、 撒布第层嵌缝料:撒布主层沥青应立即用集料撒布车或装载机配合工撒布第层嵌缝料撒布集料应及扫匀达覆盖、厚度致足处应及找补使用乳化沥青石料撒布必须乳液破乳前完

8. Spreading the first layer of caulking material: the asphalt of the main layer shall be spread immediately with the aggregate spreader or loader in coordination with the workers. The aggregate shall be swept evenly to achieve full coverage, the sufficient thickness shall be obtained, and the use of emulsified asphalt stone shall be repaired. The distribution of emulsified asphalt stone must be completed before the lotion breaking

9、 第层嵌缝料碾压:撒布第层嵌缝料必等全段撒完立即用8~12t双钢轮压路碾嵌缝料轮迹重叠轮宽1/2左右,宜碾压4~6遍用12~16t胶轮压路机碾压两遍直稳定止碾压随压随扫使嵌缝料均匀嵌入气温较高使碾压程发较推移现象应立即停止碾压待气温稍低再继续碾压

9. Rolling of the second layer of caulking material: When spreading the caulking material, wait for the entire section to be sprinkled, and immediately use an 8-12 ton double steel wheel roller. The overlapping wheel width of the caulking material is about 1/2, and it is recommended to roll it 4-6 times. Use a 12-16 ton rubber wheel roller to roll it twice until it stabilizes. Rolling should be carried out as the temperature is higher, causing the caulking material to be evenly embedded. Rolling should be stopped immediately until the temperature is slightly lower before continuing

10、 按述浇洒第二层沥青、撒布第二层嵌缝料碾压再浇洒第三层沥青按述重复封层

10. Pour the second layer of asphalt as described, spread the second layer of sealant, roll and then pour the third layer of asphalt. Repeat the sealing process as described

11、 封层碾压:封层料按撒布嵌缝料进行封层料撒布完采用6~8t双钢轮压路机作碾压宜碾压2~4遍放交通行车速度限速20km/h

11. Sealing and Rolling: The sealing material should be spread according to the joint material. After the sealing material is spread, a 6-8t double steel wheel roller should be used for rolling. It is recommended to roll 2-4 times. The speed limit for traffic is 20km/h

12、 铺筑拌贯式路面贯入层撒布封层料拌层应紧跟贯入层施工使整体贯入层采用乳化沥青应待其破乳水份蒸发且型稳定铺筑拌层

12. The paving and mixing of the penetration layer of the mixed through pavement should closely follow the construction of the penetration layer. The use of emulsified asphalt in the overall penetration layer should wait for its emulsified water to evaporate and form a stable paving and mixing layer


Take a look at the detailed requirements of the 2004 version of the Technical Specification for Construction of Highway Asphalt Pavement


What is a powder spreader truck


Powder spreader is a comprehensive vehicle used for on-site cold recycling of asphalt pavement, construction of road, railway, airport base, and other engineering projects. The powder spreader is a key equipment for cold recycling construction on highway sites, and it is also a specialized equipment necessary for the construction of roadbed stabilized soil.


The powder spreader is mainly used for spreading cement during cold recycling construction on highways, as well as for spreading various adhesives for roadbed stabilized soil. It can also be used for spreading powdered materials in other occasions, suitable for spreading powdered materials such as cement, lime powder, fly ash, etc. It is widely used in highway and municipal construction.

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